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Invisible braces for kids

Invisible Braces for Kids   When it comes to a kid’s teeth, parents have this notion it will grow and take shape on its own once milk teeth fall off…

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Invisible braces guide

Wearing a Perfect Smile   The first thing we notice about a person’s face is their smile. While talking to them we obviously look into their eyes, but their smile..

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Ceramic Braces & Lingual Technique

Ceramic Braces & Lingual Technique   Nowadays, it is very easy to treat any kind of teeth issue. And that is only because of the various orthodontic treatment options that..

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Dental Implants & Invisible Braces

Many people lose teeth due to issues like tooth decay, periodontal diseases, accidents, etc. For years, the best solution was bridges and dentures. But today, a dental procedure called dental..

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Invisalign with Invisible braces

Invisalign with Invisible braces Very few people on this planet have a perfect set of teeth and the rest of them are required to get it corrected with the help..

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Importance of Oral Health Care

Importance of oral health care Facing dental problems is a very common thing in today’s hustle & bustle as we tend to ignore the oral health care and consider as..

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